Sunday, 26 June 2011

My Pokemon Start

Oops, sorry ladies, I should have explained. The boy in the picture last year was my good friend James, not my boyfriend. I put the picture up because it was the best one for the dress! Sorry about the confusion :) I hadn't met my current boyfriend last year, but this year, we are going together and he says he can't wait to see my dress. Isn't he a sweetheart?
And because he's such a sweetheart, I'm making him his very own cross stitched piece from me. He's a big fan of Pokemon and when I told him I could stitch anything he wanted, his reply was "What, even a Charizard?" So that's what I'm stitching right now!
Here's my very pitiful progress . . .

I'm using one of LittleMojo's Pokemon patterns that can all be found here, for those who are also interested in Pokemon.
I'm sure there are people who have no idea what I'm now stitching, so here's a picture of what this finished piece will sort of look like :)

I've been very lucky recently with giveaway wins and gifting - I can't wait to receive all these wonderful packages through my mailbox. I've also treated myself to a 123stitch order that will hopefully be arriving in the next couple of days. I am doing a few more hours at work now that it's summer, but I've still got plenty of time for a good chunk of stitching.
I hope you are all well,

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Sarah said...

I'm amazed you managed to find a pokemon pattern! Not the usual cross stitch subject, I'm sure it'll turn out great though! Two of my flatmates decided they wanted me to stitch them a map of the world last year but I never found a pattern that I liked enough too.

Hope you're enjoying your summer days!


Lesleyanne said...

Great new start. My two boys love Pokemon so will have a look at the link and maybe one day I'll stitch one for them.

natalyK said...

Wonderful start on your pokemon. I hope your boyfriend likes it.

Peggy Lee said...

Can't wait to see all the goodies you've won. They couldn't be sent to a more deserving girl!

I'm dying to see what your new dress looks like.

Nice start on the ummm...pokie thing. Can't say I've ever seen one of those before. :o)

Carol said...

I'll bet you'll be stalking the postman waiting for your stitching goodies to arrive, Bekca!!

I'm sure your boyfriend will be thrilled with his very own stitched version of a Charizard!!

Jen said...

I look forward to seeing your progress. Have a good stitching summer before you go off to Uni.