Thursday, 21 April 2011

Sunshine Times

I have been enjoying such a busy week this week. My and my mum went to look around Winchester town and the University that I'm going to next year. It's the most gorgeous town, and we found an amazing haberdashery and craft store that I couldn't resist buying a few trims from. I'm saving these up for summer when I've got so much more time to do finishing. Other days this week, I've spent the mornings revising and filing all my work and then the afternoons stitching or scrapbooking. We've had such wonderful weather in England recently that one afternoon, I sat outside and finished this little cutie.

It is a freebie from Kreinik called Halloween Cats and I think it's adorable. I didn't have any of the Kreinik threads it called for, so I just used odds and ends I found in my stash. I'm really pleased with this one, and it gave me a nice boost as it's been awhile since I've finished anything.
I'm still thoroughly enjoying every stitch on Nature's Beauty. Here's where I'm up to on this piece . . .

I think I'm about half way through on this one and I can see it being the project I relax to after hours of revising.

If you get the chance, pop over and see Sarah at Kiwi Gets Crafty. She is a new blogger that I've only just discovered and she's a student too! Sarah is learning all kinds of crafty things, as well as cooking and baking; check it out.
I'm spending the Easter weekend with my boyfriend and we've got a big roast dinner planned! And lots of chocolate of course :) I hope you have a lovely Easter, spending time with family and loved ones.
Best wishes,

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Lesleyanne said...

A lovely little finish. Nature's beauty is coming along a treat. Happy Easter.

Bertie said...

Great to hear you've got a LNS in Winchester near your University!very important LOL, and the town is very interesting, lots to explore there!
Your cats are so sweet, and Nature's Beauty is gorgeous, the colours are wonderful:))
Have a Happy Easter:)

Patty C. said...

Natures Beauty is awesome - love it love it love it !!!!!!

Carol said...

I can sense your excitement about the university you'll be attending, Bekca--what a great time in your life!

Your little cat piece is so cute and the LHN piece is really growing into a true beauty :)

Enjoy your Easter weekend (and all that yummy chocolate!)...

Teresa said...

Love your little kitties. The Nature's Beauty is coming along wonderfully.
Happy Easter to you.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Beth said...

Love your little cats, and you are getting quite a ways on your Nature's Beauty. Great work. Enjoy your Easter.

Angela P said...

I just love the little cats finish, it's too cute! Great progress on Nature's Beauty too. Hope you have a lovely Easter :)

Sarah said...

The little cats are so cute . . . I bet it stitched up really quickly too!

Thanks for mentioning me :) I love your blog too.

(Kiwi Gets Crafty)

Justflo said...

Like you little cats. It's a good idea to use up bits and bobs of threads
Lovely progress on Nature's beauty.

You seem to have enjoyed your visit to Winchester, especially find a 'goodie'' shop

Dani - tkdchick said...

Becka, hope you enjoyed your weekend with your DBF, what better way to spend it?

I love your little Kreinik finish, I LOVE cats!

Your WIP is looking good too!