Wednesday, 9 March 2011

I Do Like A Good Bargain!

Hello everyone! Well, I've certainly been having a crazy few days, what with work, drama performances, mock exams, final pieces of coursework, and yes more work. But some evenings I have dedicated to cross stitching. I spent most of this week whipping up a quick card for BeckySC, but silly old me forgot to take a picture of it. I have however, got a picture of my main WIP . . .

I really am enjoying Nature's Beauty, I wish I could stitch on it all day everyday. I'm a rather slow stitcher, so it hasn't progressed much, but one of my trees is starting to grow.
In other news, my sister took me out shopping today and I managed to pop into the haberdashery to pick up some gorgeous fabrics. It's not often I get the chance to go to my local fabric store because I have school and work at the weekends and it's not open on Sundays. So I grabbed the opportunity and got these two beauties.

Then just as we were leaving, I noticed this wonderful Christmas fabric in the half-price section. So I got a half metre of the truly lovely fabric for £2! It was definitely worth a trip :)

And speaking of bargains, I forgot to tell you about a very special purchase I got in Greece. We were visiting the flea market in the centre of Athens and came upon a bead stall. It had a section for tiny charms, supposedly for jewellery making but I knew I could use them for cross stitch! I was with a group so I had to pick quickly, but I wish I could've stayed longer.

I got a little witch on her broomstick and a sailing boat. Sorry about the picture, it was hard to get a good focus because they are very small. They were only 30cents each, that's a little less than 30p. Can't be bad :)
Just got to type up a few more History notes and then I'm free to do a bit more stitching on Nature's Beauty I think. I hope you're all having a wonderful week,
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Carol said...

What pretty new fabrics you purchased, Bekca! I just love browsing through the fabric aisles--there are such gorgeous designs out right now... Cute little charms, too--love the little witch!

Enjoy your Nature's Beauty stitching--you're off to a wonderful start :)

Lynn said...

I'm glad you're enjoying Nature's Beauty so much!
Great finds on both the fabric and the charms!