Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Snowmen for September

School work is in full swing, but I am keeping on top of it all and even having time for stitching in the evenings! These past couple of nights, I've been concentrating on Snowmen and here's where I'm up to . . .

I really like stitching on perforated paper and will have to investigate more of these kits. I also think I should start a project on evenweave/linen soon, just to sample it. Any tips for my first attempt?
I'm definitely in the mood for Christmas stitching, I seem to have skipped autumn and Halloween in favour of every one's favourite holiday! I have a couple of cute Christmas kits that I am hoping to make up soon, as well as a few cards. I don't normally make Christmas cards, but I thought I would this year for my three closest friends. Also, I love the idea of those miniature stocking that you can fill. Seems like my needle is going to be busy for awhile!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful week,
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Jen said...

Hi Becka. The Mill Hioll design is coming along nicely. You can stitch any chart you like on linen or evenweave. The big bonus with these fabrics are that fractionals are easier to do than on aida and the overall finish looks better. If you enjoy the beading on your current project why don't you try a small project from Just Nan? Remember if you buy kits they usually always come with aida. I think Michael Powell designs and some Heritage designs come either way. If you are looking for something small you could try some of Faby Rielly's designs. You will find a link to her on the sidebar of my blog. Have fun choosing what to do.

Deb said...

Your snowman piece is so cute. If you want to start on even weave or linen, start with a 32 count or 28 count fabric. For 28 count you would use three strands of floss and for 32 count you would use two, and you would stitch over two threads. You will learn how in no time and you probably will never go back to anything else.

Mel said...

Ohhh it's looking great!! :)
So nice to see the chart went to good use.
There are lots and lots of those little mill hill packs on performated paper. If you have trouble getting them in your area let me know and I can get you some more to send.

You will love evenweave or linen and never want to go back! :)
I suggest starting with a 28 ct evenweave over 2. Just do a little ornament or something. Then experiment with a 28ct linen over two. Then try a 32 linen.
Before you know it you'll be addicted.
If you need any help do let me know Becka. It's so great to see people branch out! :)